Lookup is our most popular feature with the average user doing 5-10 a day. And for good reason. Fast, easy access to get comprehensive information about a property or owner is always just a few keystrokes away. 

For 2019, we’ve improved Lookup to get you better results, faster. There’s two tabs depending on your focus: Property or Owner.

Property Lookup Tab:

In addition to searching by address, you can now search by APN and RadarID. 

My Current Location

We’ve added an ability to search This Property using your current location, in addition to Explore Properties Nearby. 

Note that This Property relies on geolocation. If your device/computer does not have GPS, this may not get the exact location you're at.

Owner Lookup Tab:

We’ve added the ability to limit Lookup results to a State, County, City, or Zip. Super handy when looking up “generic” names like “John Smith” where the results are in the 100’s across five states.

Got a phone number or email address and want to see who it may be attached to? Now you can find an owner by a phone number or email address if we have that phone number or email address in our data and connected to an owner. User entered phone numbers are not supported at this time.

Email addresses can now be searched. Note that this only uses email addresses in our data. User entered email addresses are not supported at this time. We cannot display the email addresses in our data. While a user can search on an email address and get results, the Contacts page for the resultant properties will not display the email address.

Email Addresses in PropertyRadar?

Yes, we have e-mail addresses (10’s of millions, actually). We have introduced Email Invite as a way to connect with your best potential customer.

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