1. Using the Main Menu, select the source for your list:

  • Foreclosure Search - get specialized foreclosure lists, including: new foreclosure notices, likely HAMP loan mods, HOA foreclosures, 2nd mortgage foreclosures, and more.

2. Provide the criteria for your list using either:

  • The Address Bar:

  • Or, click  [Search Options] to select the criteria for your list. Over 100 options are available including mapped polygons, equity, value, and much more.

  Press [Search] to check the number of results.

  • If your results provide too many or too few, adjust your criteria using, and click again.

  • Note: Although it may state that, for example, only 500 of 700 results are showing, you can still add all 700 to your list.

4. Press the Save Results button on the toolbar:

The Save Properties box is displayed, where the button for all of your list results is selected.

5. Select properties if desired or select "All Properties". In the Add selected properties to lists either type the name of a new list in the box or select an existing list from thee drop down menu. In the Save Properties box you can also set your interest level, add a note, and select a status level for all of the properties selected. Click [Save] to create your list.


  • Creating a list from a Search will create a Static list which will only be updated if you manually make the changes.

  • Only Dynamic lists auto-update.

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