The July 30 PropertyRadar 3.0 was a BIG release. As is typical with those really big releases, some things get broken in the process. The 3.0.2 "Hotfix" release addresses most of those issues.

Issues Resolved:

The app now remembers the vertical scroll position in Property Profile while flipping through properties.  For instance, if you're looking at Foreclosures when you go to the next property, it will consistently display the Foreclosures section rather than jump up to Location.

Resolved issues with Foreclosure notices incorrectly displaying in Property Profile when opened from Foreclosure and TSS searches.

The Foreclosures Section in Property Profile will now always show, even if there is no Foreclosure Activity

Restored Multi-Polygon in Make a List maps.  Note that Make a List does not support overlapping and intersecting polygons.

If you edit the Owner Name in Contacts, that new Owner Name will be used for Mailing Labels, Mail Merge, and Direct Mail. Exports will still use the original public record owner name known as "Assessed Owner".  Note that the label used in Exports is still Owner, Owner First, and Owner Last.

Added Garage, Air Conditioning, and Heating to Property Profile.

List names are now limited to 50 characters. This prevents an issue where list names greater than 50 characters do not function as dynamic lists in the web client. Note: There will be a future fix for existing lists with longer than 50 characters.  Those will still not work properly with this fix.

Fixed the ability to delete a List when those List names contain #, ? or / characters.

Fixed an issue whereby if you chose to Edit instead of Add a note to a Property with no notes, it would not save.

Added "State" as a column option for Lists (and Quick Search) list view.

Fixed issue with uploading photos to Property Profile using IE11.

Fixed an issue where both the previous and current owners would show in the Contacts section of Property Profiles.

Removed Owner Phone Yes|No from legacy search options.  Also removed Owner Phone from legacy search List View columns settings.

Fixed links to open Property Profile from Alerts displayed from Saved Search > Alerts.

When using Find in Explore to change locations, the location beacon is now disabled.

Made the control to add Lists in Property Profile and Save easier to click in.

Restricted full zoom on Explore maps to match what is supported by Bing.  Satellite is limited to 50ft and Road to 30ft

Removed the confirmation prompt when Saving Notes.  Clicking will save without asking Yes/No.

Fixed issue where the map icons for legacy search results were not being updated when filters were applied to the results

Owner Quick Search will now be consistent if you type "Bob Smith" or "Smith, Bob."

Driving links in Property Profile will now use Lat/Long if available, and the address is Unknown.

Deleting Contact notes no longer inserts a date in the Notes field.

Fixed the appearance of the Heat Map/Boundaries dialog for Comparables and Neighbors maps.  Note that the dialog is slightly too large for the space.

When editing a Document from Transactions, uploading a document no longer destroys your unsaved edits.

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