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Do you offer discounts on subscription fees?
Do you offer discounts on subscription fees?

Save money by paying annually

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You can receive up to 20% off your subscription by paying for an annual term. (Depending on your package, team members, documents, data and other options.)

Paid subscriptions are non-refundable, so please make sure you want to commit for a full year.

To Sign-Up for an Annual Subscription Discount:

  1. Login to the PropertyRadar web app.

  2. Open your Account Settings by clicking the icon next to your Username.

  3. From the Account Settings menu, select Subscription.

  4. In the Subscription window, click the Change Plan button.

  5. In the Change Subscription popup, you can change your plan at any time, depending on the changing needs of your business. To get plan details, click Compare, or click the Schedule a Call button below to find a time to talk with Customer Support about your specific needs.

  6. To save on your subscription, select Annual in the Billing Period section. Your savings are calculated and shown depending on your plan selections.

  7. Use your Existing Payment Method, or you can Add a New Payment Method.
    Your Total due now is calculated and shown. As well as when your card will be billed and for how much.

  8. Click the Purchase button.

Annual subscriptions auto-renew, just like monthly subscriptions.

If you have any subscription or questions, please schedule a quick call with Customer Support by clicking:

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