Can I track commercial properties?

Property type searches

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Yes. We track all properties, and allow you to search and filter by property type. Examples of property types include: Single Family, Condominium, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Land, and several others.

Use the Discover menu to select criteria in your Search for Properties.

To Define Property Types:

  1. Select the Property > Site > Basic Type menu items from Search.
    The list of property types, including Commercial, is shown. By default, all property types are selected.

  2. Remove the checkbox selections to exclude property types from your Search.

  3. Once you are satisfied with your Basic Type criteria selections, click the Add Criteria button.
    The Type criteria are added to your Search.

You can also choose from Advanced Types of property criteria, which provides more specific property type data. Select the Property > Site > Advanced Type menu items to further define your criteria.

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