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How reliable is PropertyRadar data?
How reliable is PropertyRadar data?

Data quality

Updated over a week ago

We have a team dedicated to quality information, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our data because we gather it from a variety of sources.

Before purchasing a property, or reaching out to homeowners to list/sell, you should verify all details; and if possible, purchase title insurance. If you think you've found an error in our data, please report the error to our team.

Also, please keep the following in mind when using PropertyRadar:

  1. Property information (beds, baths, sq.ft., etc.) comes from the county assessor's office, and only reflects the original details of the property when it was built, and work completed under permit. You should verify details by physically inspecting the property prior to purchase/list/sell.

  2. Title information shows that there may be other items owed on the property, including loans, past due property taxes, IRS liens, and other encumbrances. Depending on whether the property is purchased before the auction from the owner, at auction, or from the bank after the auction, the purchaser may be responsible for paying some or all of these items. A title insurance policy should identify all of these items, and provide insurance in the event it does not. Be careful of lien and loan reports offered by other services -- we are not aware of any service other than an insured title policy that reliably provides complete lien and loan information. Even then, realize that title companies offer insurance for a reason -- they make mistakes too.

  3. Estimated Equity and Loan Positions are determined using computer models, and have not been manually reviewed. As such, they should be used with caution, and we strongly recommend you do your own due diligence, and when applicable get title insurance.

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