Washington Foreclosure Process & Laws

Washington Foreclosure Process & Laws

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Notice of Default

Start of the foreclosure process. Notice of Default is transmitted, posted or served.

While the homeowner must receive a Notice of Default, it is not commonly recorded in Washington, and therefore PropertyRadar does not track NODs as preforeclosures.

Notice of Trustee Sale

Sets auction date. The Notice of Trustee Sale transmitted, posted or served at least 30 days after the Notice of Default is recorded. 

  • (section citation amended to RCW 61.24.030(8) pursuant to Engrossed Senate Bill 5810, effective 7/26/09). This is the first notice related to the foreclosure that becomes public record.

Publication is during the 4th and 2nd weeks before sale.


Initial auction date. At least 90 days from service of Notice of Trustee Sale. 

At least 190 days from date of default 

The sale occurs on a Friday, or if Friday is a legal holiday on the following Monday. 

Auction may be postponed for up to 120 days before process must restart. 

Default may be cured with loan reinstated up to the 11th day before sale if debt brought current with no acceleration 

Trustee's Deed

Transfers property to highest bidder. 

Possession granted 20 days after the sale. 

If tenant occupied then purchaser must give 60-day notice

  • (but see 90-day Federal Rule. Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act. Public Law 111-22, Sec. 702)

There is no right of redemption.

There is no deficiency judgment.

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