EXPLORE allows you to see the big picture of any neighborhood and quickly dive into the details of any property with unprecedented mapping, mobility and data cleansing.


1) Color illustrated heat maps that show estimated value, assessed value, sales, listings, foreclosures, equity, debt, ownership, and property type

2) Detailed property data on ANY parcel, not just foreclosures

3) On-the-Go moving functionality. The map travels with you using GPS technology in your smartphone or tablet, providing all of the information that you need to be informed in the moment.

4) The opportunity to demonstrate unprecedented single-source information access, state-of-the art software and your professional insights on the neighborhood and the parcels being viewed.

Founder and CEO Sean O’Toole, provides an overview of PropertyRadar® and Explore. After an intro about our switch to PropertyRadar, and the new user interface, the Explore demonstration begins at 5:33.

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