Understand the value and importance of Transfer Search from our founder and CEO Sean O’Toole who guides you through the features and explains how this module fits into the bigger picture of PropertyRadar and the Comparables and Listings.

Transfer Search - See what's going on behind the scenes by understanding exactly what types of transfers are happening by Property Type, whether residential or commercial. Understand how transfers are happening - Distressed, Non-Distressed, Market or Non-Market, Listed or Not Listed on the MLS. Find out who is selling what to who, and what kind of dollars are being transacted.

Transfer Search Highlights

(1) Search "hidden" transfers that are rarely listed on the MLS including APN bulk, multiple parcel transfers. Find out who is making the deals and what their profit margins are like.

(2) Search by Market Transaction Types including Short Sale, REO Resale (see which properties the banks have resold), 3rd Resale (see which properties auction investors have resold), Flips and more.

(3) Search by Non-Market Transaction Types including Inter-Family, Trust, and Trustees Deeds.

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