The Main Menu is your personal home page, with your PropertyRadar overview information. When you login to PropertyRadar, the Main Menu can be accessed from any main action window by clicking the main menu icon.

Main Menu

Depending on your subscription type, you can click the available actions in the Main Menu:

  • Lookup
  • Discover
  • My Lists
  • Trustee Sale Schedule
  • Property Search
  • Foreclosure Search
  • Transfer Search
  • Contact Support
  • Support Center
  • Settings
  • Log Out


At the top of your Main Menu, you can select Lookup and type in an address, RadarID, or owner name to do a quick lookup of a property or owner.

In the Property field:

  • Enter any part of an address, APN or specific Radar ID and press 

In the Owner field:

  • Enter a last name (first name is optional), enter a phone number or email address and press 

You can also Explore your location by pressing


Explore your immediate area or another area for visual representation using heat maps for various property segments.

My Lists

View your existing lists or make a new list. From your Lists, you can view Insights, Market to your prospects, activate/de-activate Alerts and view Settings to copy or delete your list.

Trustee Sale Schedule

See the status, time and location of all properties going to sale in your selected county on any given date.


Search every property in our coverage area (AZ, CA, NV, OR, WA) using over 100 search criteria.

Foreclosure Search

Research any property in foreclosure. We track all foreclosures in our coverage area.

Transfer Search

Use the Transfer Search to see what is happening behind the scenes according to public records. We show all transfers, market and non-market.

Contact Support

Reach out to us any time! We are always happy to answer any questions and walk you through how it all works. Simply click

to start a conversation with us. We will respond promptly during normal business hours.

Support Center

In the Support Center, you can access the various forms of PropertyRadar educational information.


Select Settings to customize your PropertyRadar account. There are six categories within Settings:

  • My Account: update your contact information, change your password, update your credit card & change your selected package/term or manage your team account(s).
  • Messaging Preferences: blind copy yourself on all emails and edit the default email message.
  • Search Preferences: set your default location
  • Marketing Preferences: brand each report that you print or email or create a public profile 
  • Saved Property Preferences: customize the status labels or default values used in the investment analysis tool.
  • Other: remove all recent searches and setting modifications.

Log Out

Log out of your PropertyRadar account.

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