to display the Main Menu, then


The Setting menu provides the following sections:

  • My Account
  • Messaging Preferences
  • Search Preferences
  • Marketing Preferences
  • Saved Property Preferences
  • Other

My Account

Under the My Account heading, you can click one of the following links to access the relevant preferences:

  • Contact
  • Password
  • Billing
  • Team Accounts


To update your contact information:


To update your password:


You can change your subscription (package/term), change your payment method, or cancel your subscription using the Billing window accessed from the Settings menu.

To open the Billing window click Billing.

To change your subscription, click Change Package under the Actions heading in the Billing window. In the Change Subscription window you can:

To change your payment method, click your account profile, subscription and then adda new payment. In the Update Payment Method window you can:

To cancel your PropertyRadar account, click Cancel.

Team Accounts

By setting up team accounts with other PropertyRadar subscribers, you can access the powerful features that allow for:

  • the ability to share saved searches, and saved properties (including: Interest Level, Status, Tags, Photos, Notes, Files, Investment Analysis, and Title Research and documents).
  • the ability to create workflows to manage the investment process by using property information (status, lists, etc.) to coordinate work between team members.

There are two roles Team Members can be, either:

  • Admin: can add, delete, and view members
  • Member: cannot add, delete, or view other team members

To set up team accounts, select Team Accounts from the Main Menu options. The Team Accounts window is shown, in which you can:

  • add a team
  • edit the team name
  • add team members
  • remove team members
  • delete a team

Adding a Team

Editing a Team Name

Adding Team Members

Removing Team Members

Deleting a Team

Messaging Preferences

You can set up the Email and Alert messages that are sent to your selected contact(s) through PropertyRadar, using the Settings > Messaging Preferences.


When you email property information to clients and coworkers using PropertyRadar you use the Email Report window.

To set up your default preferences for the email message and BCC field in the Email Report window, select Email under Messaging Preferences in the Setting menu

To set up your default preferences


When you set alerts to remind you of new matches or status changes to your Saved Searches or Lists, you'll need to provide the email address or smart phone number (for text messages) where the alerts are to be sent.

To set this default contact information:

Search Preferences

By entering your search preferences, PropertyRadar provides information how you want it. Using the Setting > Search Preferences, you can select your default location, list view columns, and property profile layout.

Default Location

By selecting a default location, your searches will automatically default the map and the Trustee Sale Schedule to the state and county you choose.

To set your default location:

Marketing Preferences

PropertyRadar provides you with marketing tools to help you in your business dealings. By setting up these marketing tools with your information, you can brand reports, create a public profile, and add the PropertyRadar website widget to your website.

Report Branding

To set up your PropertyRadar account to brand the reports that you send to your contacts:

Public Profile

To promote your business with the PropertyRadar member directory:

Saved Property Preferences

You can set your Status, and Investment Analysis preferences, to speed-up your workflow in PropertyRadar.


To change the default Status labels provided:

Investment Analysis

You can change the default Investment Analysis settings used in the Property Profiles.
To change Investment Analysis settings:


Clear Local Settings

Do not clear your local settings unless a PropertyRadar support team member directs you to do so. This caution is in place to make sure your data is not lost inadvertently. PropertyRadar Support is available to help ensure your successful use of our tool and data.

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