Get the bigger picture in your market by using the Transfer Search feature to see what is selling, and how.

When you review “sold stats”, do you sometimes feel like you are missing the bigger picture? All sales are not created equal, and they don’t always show up. Transfer Search allows you to easily see exactly what is selling in your market, and how it is selling. This will enable you to search for, and review all property transfers, including Commercial and Residential, listed or never listed, and market or non-market transactions.

Review sales in your area by transfer type including distressed and non-distressed properties, and even categories of non-market transactions. Transfer types include Short Sales, Flips, REO Resales, interfamily, and much more.

Get a much deeper understanding of the specific buyer profile in your market to focus both on your target and marketing opportunities. Are you focused on FHA buyers when a large percent of the transactions in your area are 100% cash buyers? Are first time homebuyers dominating your market? Search for all non-listed sales or by multiple parcel deals to see if institutional buyers are doing deals behind the scenes or in bulk.

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