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Creating Opportunities In Today's Real Estate Market
Creating Opportunities In Today's Real Estate Market

PropertyRadar Webinar

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As a Realtor, one of the wisest decisions you can make is to use data and technology to stay ahead of your competitors.

PropertyRadar® is the only software that reveals how to create an inventory (find new sellers, close deals for eager buyers) in a tight market - all while you provide exceptionally high service every step of the way.

Learn how to use unprecedented knowledge and information access that will also help you negotiate deals and demonstrate high value to your clients.

Watch this Webinar highlighting exciting, creative new opportunities using the data, analytics, and software that PropertyRadar provides – including how to find, contact, and get underwater homes listed and sold.

Try a few quick and simple searches – and you will not be able to imagine doing business without PropertyRadar.

Co-Hosted by Jacob Swodeck, National Trainer/Coach with Keller Williams MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems) and Scott Thompson, Consultant and Certified Elite PropertyRadar Trainer.

(Please note, slides will show at 0:56, however audio begins immediately.)

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