PropertyRadar's Explore feature helps you to see the big picture and dive into property details while you're out perusing neighborhoods with your clients. Using GPS, the map in Explore moves with you, providing all the information you need on the go using your tablet. Using the powerful tool with your clients, you can provide color illustrated heat maps to reveal critical neighborhood information including equity, debt, estimated value, and assessed value, turnover, and more. Explore provides unprecedented single-source information access, using state-of-the-art software.

Property Search provides access to public records information on all California properties. With over 100 search criteria, find every property by your investment criteria, as well as by the traditional factors such as number of bedrooms, size, price range and much more.

Whether you are in Explore or using Property Search –access the details of any single property that you are interested in using the Interactive Property Details page.

Interactive Property Details provides helpful information all in one place. An at-a-glance status panel quickly shows you ownership contact information, value, loan balance, equity, listing and foreclosure status, and whether or not it is a primary residence. You also have a quick snapshot of all public property details from the county assessor’s office, typically including property type, bedrooms, bathrooms, year built, square footage, and lot size. You can also easily purchase the parcel maps, take notes and add photos and status fields to your saved property.

(Please fast forward to 2:08 on video.)

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