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Added Alerts to Teams, Mar. 6, 2015
Added Alerts to Teams, Mar. 6, 2015

Alerts to Teams

Updated over a week ago

We released the Team Alerts feature this evening along with some fixes to Registration and other things.

  1. Teams can now set alerts separate from users. Admins can add team members to receive SMS and email alerts. The ability to set alerts is based on the Admin’s subscription level. At this time, users that can not normally receive instant alerts can as part of a team if the Admin can. Each team member must configure their own alert settings for SMS and email. Only team admins can enable/edit team alerts.

  2. Misc. fixes

  • Fixed issue with Neighboring Comps report not honoring unchecked selections

  • Fixed search error issue with multi polygon selections containing straight lines

  • Added Equity percent to Details report

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