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Release Notes, August 18, 2015
Release Notes, August 18, 2015

Release Notes

Updated over a week ago

With our August 18, 2015 release we deployed some improvements to usability, Comparables results, as well as some bug fixes and performance enhancements. Most notably:

Simplified Transaction History
We made the Transaction History panel in the Interactive Property Profile much simpler to use and it takes up less space. Transaction History information is conveniently organized and things like getting details, adding documents, and the Title Research checklist are much easier to access and use.

Improved Foreclosure Details
The Foreclosure Details panel now gives you an easier way of seeing a list of all Foreclosure history and activity. No more drop down. All the Foreclosure activity is cleanly displayed with the most recent at the top.

Better Comparables
We made some significant enhancements to the algorithm that drives the results in Comparables. Without going into a bunch of PhD Mathspeak – we tweaked the math, updated standard deviations and changed some weighting based on customer feedback and learnings from automated valuation models. We think you’ll notice far better results than before!

Additional Fixes & Notes:

  • Fixed not being able to remove alerts from removed team members. Now, when a user is removed from a team, any associated team alerts will have that user removed. If no other users are set to receive alerts and no save options are set, the alert is also disabled.

  • Update button now shows when changing order of panels in Property Profile Layout.

  • Fixed issue with Property Details panel losing data when the Property Profile Layout was changed.

  • Added error checking to make sure saved searches have included criteria.

  • Fixed an issue with the order of properties in Trustee Sales Schedule using previous and next buttons after sorting search results.

  • Restored the Chart button to the Comps screen.

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