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Minor Fixes and Improvements, August 31, 2015
Minor Fixes and Improvements, August 31, 2015

Fixes and Improvements

Updated over a week ago

We released a number of minor fixes and improvements Monday night, including:

  • Resolved issue where moving any column in the List View to be the first column broke the app. The app no longer allows moving any column in front of Type.

  • Fixed problem where migrated polygon and radius searches from the old app would break searches when re-saved in the new app.

  • Fixed problem when editing and re-saving foreclosure searches that resulted in a “Invalid or empty search submitted” error.

  • Fixed an issue on Firefox where the map position would constantly reset after finding their current location. The locate button now lights up when enabled and the map will follow a person if they are moving. If the user pans the map in any direction, locate turns off and it will no longer follow the user’s position.

  • Fixed an issue where transaction history on properties would not place the current owner doc to the top position if fewer than six transactions exist.

  • Fixed issue where returning to Explore from a list view would hang the app.

  • Fixed issue where hiding a property from Property Details would break Prev/Next navigation.

  • Fixed issue where running a new search would not reset the hide/unhide button.

  • Fixed the Reset feature in Comps options.

While we work very hard to find and fix all bugs prior to releasing software, all of these issues were identified by users, like you. With the ever increasing number of operating systems and browsers it is impossible to test every combination. While it bums us out that you found something we didn't, know that we really appreciate the help. Thank you!

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