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Bug Fix Release, September 16, 2015
Bug Fix Release, September 16, 2015

Bug Fix Release

Updated over a week ago

We released a number of minor fixes and improvements Wednesday night, including:

  • Fixed issue preventing re-running a search after saving it.

  • Added text to export dialog to remind users that pop-up blockers need to be disabled.

  • Fixed issue where the county search criteria would show a list of counties in the wrong state.

  • Resolved issue on touch screen devices that results in searches being run repeatedly.

  • Fixed problems with resetting or updating list view columns.

  • Clarified criteria to search for most recent transfers vs. most recent change in ownership.

  • Fixed various issues with Microsoft's new Edge browser.

  • Trustee Sale Schedule reports have been corrected to print in the same sort and group order as shown in results.

  • And a dozen other minor bug fixes.

We'd again like to thank those customers who took the time to report issues. Your feedback makes the product better for everyone. We really appreciate it.

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