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December 22, 2015 (2.6.0) Release Notes
December 22, 2015 (2.6.0) Release Notes

Release Notes

Updated over a week ago

We just released our final update for 2015. While it looks like a big change, it’s actually fairly small.

There are no changes to any of the core PropertyRadar features: Property Search, Foreclosure Search, Trustee Sale Schedule, Transfer Search, Listing Search, and Explore are unchanged.

Here’s what’s new:

We put your Lists up front and easily accessible in “List Cards”. Each List Card makes it super convenient to access the things you want to do with your list:

  1. Insights - Get quick insights on what your list contains and what has changed.

  2. Marketing - Send Direct Mail, create Mailing Labels, or do a Mail Merge into your own template or one we provide.

  3. Alerts - Set up alerts to email, SMS, or mobile notifications.

  4. Settings - Easily delete the list.

Where'd the Saved Property Insights on the Dashboard go?

Saved Properties Insights are now accessed by using the green Insights icon in the right corner of the Dashboard. We tucked it away to make room for List Cards.

We took the most popular list marketing and management features and put them up front on the Dashboard where you have easy and convenient access to them.

Here's a quick view overview on how to make a list. Know that it will get even easier to make, manage, and market to lists in 2016!


  • List cards on Dashboard are now limited to 250 primarily sorted by count then alphabetically

  • Fixed the Owner Search link to BeenVerified


  • 5927: Fixed issue where boundaries did not work in Search map after using Explore

  • 5929: Updated tool tip for Current Lender

  • 5936: Updated text in Delete confirmation box to change “Tag” to “List”

  • 5937: Removed erroneous Upgrade button from Purchase Confirmation screen for buying documents

  • 5939: Fixed issue where “Listed for Sale” was changing to “Listed” on Dashboard

  • 5941: Updated “Tag” text on Property Profile+ reports to use “Lists”

  • 5942: Fixed formula used to calculate payments in Search listings

  • 5944: Fixed issue where multi-select boxes (such as County) stayed open when switching search options tabs

  • 5945: Fixed spacing issues with the boxes for Search Options > Property Details > Property Type

  • 5953: Fixed display of Average Foreclosure value in Comps

  • 5954: Fixed wonderbar text box in Explore to no longer hide text behind the icon on the right. Made some changes to make hi-lighting property address in Property Details easier

  • 5956: Fixed PIPL link from Owner Search


  • 5992: Control on Property Details to add lists to a property does not work well on tablets

  • 5999: Print from Explore prints blank page

  • 6000: BeenVerified link from Search Owner on Property Details is broken

  • 5995: Mail Merge download fails if list name contains a double quote “

  • 5938: List view does not update List column when returning from Details when a property had a list added

  • 5997: List of Lists in Search options does not get updated with any lists added to search results. Impacts users that want to modify their search with newly added lists.

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