Enter Login to the web app and click Settings in the upper right corner.

The Settings menu provides the following sections:

My Profile

Under My Profile, you can view or update your contact information, preferences, change your password, and see your teams.

Contact Information

Update your account information including first name and last name then click Update.

To change your login email or mobile phone, please Contact Support.


Click the menu drop down and select your time zone, then click Update.


To reset your password simply enter your current password, new password, confirm the new password, and click Update.

My Teams

See which teams you are a part of and what your role is.

If you are an Owner, you will be able to migrate data from another team to the team you are currently logged into.

You can also create a new team by clicking the button.

By setting up teams, you can access the powerful features that allow for:

  • the ability to share lists, saved searches, and saved properties including interest level, status, photos, notes, files, investment analysis, title research, and documents.

  • the ability to create workflows to manage your business process by using property information (status, lists, etc.) to coordinate work between team members.

Enter your team details. Company name, state, zip, size, industry, and primary interest are required fields.

Click Continue then:

  1. Choose a package

  2. Select billing period

  3. Add credit card

  4. Verify the total amount due

Click Purchase and you're done!

Team Settings

If you are the Owner of a team or the Admin, you will see the Team Settings information for the team you are currently logged into.

Team Information

You will see and have the ability to edit your team information. If you edit the details, don't forget to click Update!

Team Members

See all members of the team you are currently logged into: name, role, date added, and status.

There are 3 roles for team members:

  1. Owner - there can only be one owner

  2. Admin - can add, delete, and view members

  3. Member - cannot add, delete, or view other team members

To invite someone to join your team click the Add Member button, then enter their email address and click Continue.

Next, selected their Member Role (Admin or Member), edit the message if desired, verify the cost then click Purchase and Send. An invitation will be emailed.


Current Subscription

You will see your current subscription details including the plan, status, billing period, and next bill date. You can also change your plan or cancel your subscription.

Change Plan:

You can change your package or billing period at any time. To change your subscription, click the Change Plan button under the current subscription:

  1. Choose a Package - select any package from the drop-down menu

  2. Select Billing Period - monthly or annual

  3. Select Payment Option - use an existing method or add a new method (ie: credit card)

  4. Verify the total due now and total due on your next bill date

Click Purchase and you're done!

Cancel Subscription:

To cancel your PropertyRadar subscription, click the Cancel button.

Select a cancellation reason and click Continue.

Payment Methods

Select your default payment method or click the Add Card button to add a new credit card.

Subscription Credit

You may receive a credit from downgrading a subscription or removing a user. Credits are applied toward your future subscription payments.

Subscription Billing History

View your previous history including subscription purchases, refunds, exports, document purchases, and print receipts.

You will see the date, description, payment method, and amount.


Purchases Account Balance

Your account balance is used to make purchases such as document images, exports, and phone & email append. You will see your current balance and have the ability to add to your balance. Only Owners of the account and Admins of teams can add to the balance. To add to your balance, just click the button then enter the amount and click Pay.

Purchases are non-refundable so be prepared to spend it all:)

Low Balance Notifications

We have many customers who purchase a lot and need some help staying on top of their balance. We make it easy by letting you set up low balance notifications.

To set it up, all you need to do is check the box to get email notifications and add the dollar amount for when you wish to be notified.

Click Update!

Auto-recharge & Daily Maximum (optional)

Use Auto-recharge to ensure that your integrations run without interruption. You can set the amounts for when to add to your balance and how much. You also have the option to set daily maximums so you aren't spending too much.

Just check the boxes, add the amounts, and click Update.

Purchases History

Here you can see your history of your payments and purchases. You can see the date, description, payment method, and amount.

You will also see links that you can click to view things like document purchases, exports, and even resend exports to Zapier.

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