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Include and exclude lists, from other lists

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With PropertyRadar we introduce a simple, yet powerful way to make managing your targeted marketing easier by giving you the ability to treat a List as criteria to be included or excluded in new Lists you create.

How to Segment a List

Many times the lists you make with include and exclude are segments from lists. Here's a quick overview of how to make segmented lists.

From within Make A List, navigate to Criteria > My Data > Lists:

  • Include List: Include properties from the selected list or lists. May be used to create a subset of an existing list by adding additional criteria, or to combine more than one list.

  • Exclude List: Exclude properties that are within a selected list. Often referred to in marketing as a suppression list, this is most often used to do things like exclude existing customers from marketing aimed at new customers.

A common use case for using Include List and Exclude List:

Example: You could have a dynamic criteria-based List of every best potential customer in your local market, called “My Top Prospects” and today it has 1,000 owners/properties in that List.

You’ve curated two important static Lists:

One is called “Not Qualified” and represents the 200 prospects that you no longer wish to market to as of today and all 200 happen to be in the “My Top Prospects” List as well because “My Top Prospects” is a dynamic List.

The second List is a static List of “Recent Customers” and it would be awkward or bad timing to market to the 100 owners in that List for at least another year.

Today, you want to send a direct mail piece to new prospects in your market, specifically homeowners that have purchased in the last 90 days. 

You make a new list, “March 2018 Promo 90 day New Owners” and use the include and exclude from list criteria to make that list, in addition to adding Purchase Date criteria.

  1. Include: “My Top Prospects”  

  2. Exclude: “Not Qualified” and “Recent Customer”  At this point, “March 2018 Promo 90 day New Owners” would have 800 owners/properties in it. 1,000 – 100 -100 = 800.  

  3. Finally, since you want to only target recent homebuyers, add the Criteria > Transfer > Most Recent Change of Ownership > Purchase Date > Last 90 Days. And since it’s direct mail, you should also use our Vacancy Data criteria to avoid sending mail to owner/property mailing addresses identified as vacant. Adding these criteria takes the List size down from 800 to 100.

Now you can send direct mail (or connect via another channel) to “March 2018 Promo 90 day New Owners” without fear of marketing to recent customers, unqualified prospects, owners/properties not receiving mail, and only to owners who purchased their home in the last 90 days.

Since you’re focused on recent purchases, your messaging can be much more relevant and targeted with a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” or “Congratulations” message.

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