You can text back and forth with a Customer Support team member, to ask questions about PropertyRadar using our Chat feature. Depending on the volume of questions, it may take time for a team member's initial response back to you (see below step 5).

To Chat with Support:

  1. Click the Support Settings (question mark) icon in the upper-right corner of the PropertyRadar app.

  2. Select Chat with Support.
    A chat window is displayed where you can start a conversation, see previous conversations, or search articles.

  3. Click the Send us a message button.
    The Chat window is displayed.

  4. In the Start typing... text field, type your question or request to the PropertyRadar Customer Support team.

  5. When you're satisfied with your text, click either the blue arrow or Enter/Return on your keyboard.
    The Chat window displays your text, and the status of your chat message. We typically respond within approximately twenty (20) minutes, but that can depend on the current volume of questions.

Live chat is available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 6am-6pm Pacific Time. After regular business hours, leave a message in chat and we'll respond at our first available opportunity the next business day.

For other Customer Support options, see: How to Contact Customer Support.

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