List Insights make you smarter, faster. 

Knowing more almost always leads to growing more. That’s why List Insights are an incredibly powerful way for you to make the right moves for growing your business, today.

List Insights help you quickly know more about the collective People attributes and Property characteristics inside a List.

How to Access List Insights

From the main menu, go to My Lists. 

Every List card has a green Insights chart icon under the List name. Click on that icon. 

List Insights take a bit to load. There’s a massive amount of math happening when you click that icon. But a 30 second wait is better than a week of crunching by hand, right?

Once loaded, at the top are two icons. People Insights and Property Insights. People Insights loads by default.

People Insights

People insights include: owner type, gender, age, education, marital status, income, net worth, children at home, ethnicity, charitable giving, interest, business info and their occupational groups.

Hovering over different List Insights on the histograms and pie charts will give additional values and percentage details.

Among the dozens of ways People Insights can be used, the most important is to look for ways to connect with them. The tighter your messaging, the better your response will be.

Property Insights

Property insights include: property type, owner occupied, sales volume, transactions volume, estimated equity, estimated value, year built, turnover, sales prices in the last 6 months, square footage, debt, assessed value, estimated value per square foot, assessed to estimated value, estimated tax rate, if they’re for sale, and whether they’re vacant or not. 

Again, hovering over different List Insights on the histograms and pie charts will give additional values and percentage details. 

List Insights make you smarter, faster. And knowing more about your market and customers is your best bet to connecting with new customers and growing your business. 

With that said, it’s important to know that not all data is perfect. And the absence of data is an insight. 

With List Insights, you can identify where data is insufficient or does not exist. Visually see gaps in public records. 

There is a forest of opportunity that others are missing while they stare at excel spreadsheets because they can’t see through the trees of details. 

Why Use List Insights

Using List Insights can help you understand your market and grow your business in several ways:

  1. Get to know about a market. Fast. Is this the right market for generating the business you need?
  2. Quickly understand the differences between the Lists you make for smart targeting decisions on how to connect.
  3. Create Lists of existing customers and learn more about their unique attributes and characteristics. Then make look-a-like lists for potential future customers.  
  4. Identify where a List can, and probably should, be split into two or more Lists, often called segments, to focus on specific messaging and improve your marketing.
  5. Understand local market conditions. Know what’s going on in your neighborhoods and uncover opportunities. Even if the market as a whole is stormy, the sun is always shining somewhere specific.
  6. Finally, use List Insights as a resource in your business marketing and planning. Delight market-focused customers with insights and answers to their questions while looking smart and savvy. Or wow your Bank with your market knowledge and research to get that business loan approved!
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