Filtering a List

Filter your list to focus on unique list attributes

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You can easily organize, sort, and refine a List after you create it using the Filter feature in PropertyRadar.

  1. First open an existing List from My Lists, by clicking the number of properties in a List.

  2. The Filter feature allows you to narrow down the results of your List by selecting filtering options:

    Filter Options Narrow Down List Results

  3. Filters let you find and focus on the unique attributes of your List:

    Filter Selection Shown

  • To remove a Filter, click the Filter menu.

Filter Menu

Enter a keyword – Quickly find a filter by typing a keyword from a filter name.

Select Records – Select records on which to perform actions from the Actions menu. Use an option listed to select or specify the records you want to view from the List; the Select Records dialog box provides further information on how.

Saved Data – Select an option, Photos, Notes, Analysis, or Documents, by which to filter the list.

Status – Filter the List by Status. Status selections provide a powerful way to organize your workflow. 

Interest levels – Select the Interest Level for the records you want to view.

Events – Filter for records that are: Sold, Underwater, In Foreclosure, Listed for Sale, TS Auction Today, TS Auction Tomorrow. 

New Since – With Monitored lists, you can select from when you last view the list, or by another date and time:

Most Recent Calls, Most Recent Text, and Most Recent Voicemail – Select the date option by which you want to filter your calls, texts, or voicemails.

The None filter is unique to the Most Recent Calls, Most Recent Text, and Most Recent Voicemail options. Selecting None lets you filter, for instance, properties that have not been called or texted.

Review Viewing and Managing Properties in a List for further List information.

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