Using Manage and Filter in List View makes it easy to organize, sort, and refine a List. 

Manage and Filter will help you be efficient with status-driven workflows and create targeted lists. 

Here’s how:

List View UI

From the Main Menu go to My Lists. Click on the List Card to view your list. 

In List View you can:

  • Connect with the properties and owners on your List.

  • Manage your list.

  • Filter your List using saved data, status, interest levels, and events.

  • Toggle between Grid View, Card View, or Map View. 

  • And Share your List. Send a PDF by email or download a PDF to print.

Managing List

Manage lets you organize your List and add additional information to multiple records.

Add to List - Add your filtered results to an existing list.

Set Interest Level - Set an interest level rating for all filtered results. 

Add Note - Add a note to all filtered results so you can remember details about those properties and owners later.

Set Status - Set a status so you remember to come back. 

Remove from List - and remove these filtered results from this list. 

Managing your list lets you refine your Filters and target the properties and owners you are interested in Connecting with.

Filtering a List

Filters let you find and focus on the unique attributes of your List. 

Use Filters to perfect your list with: 

Saved Data – See only the properties that have photos, notes, documents, or an analysis.

Status – Filter properties that have a specific Status. Using Status is a powerful way to organize your workflow. 

Interest levels – Quickly see which properties have YOUR set Interest Levels.

Events – Filter for records that are recently sold, for sale, or could be in foreclosure. 

Quickly Find a Filter by typing a keyword from a Filter’s name in the search bar. 

To remove a Filter click the highlighted filter again. 

With PropertyRadar, you can make as many Lists as you want or need. We’ll keep them up-to-date for you. 

With Manage and Filter, you can focus on the specific properties and owners within a list to drive the most important thing: Getting Connected. 

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