Known Issues 

(as of February 5, 2020)

  • This is a private beta preview and our very first release. Test test test! Make sure your Zap works properly for 10 records before exporting 100. Then test 100 before 1,000. Set up a Daily Email Summary Alert for a List to validate successful exports to Zapier.If you discover something is not working as intended, please contact PropertyRadar support. Do not contact Zapier's support team for assistance with PropertyRadar's beta Zapier integration.
  • December 4, 2019: We've released an update to our Zapier integration. All of your Zaps will automatically migrate to this new version (1.0.6) if you created a Zap prior to December 4.

    Important! If you have Purchase & Append for phone and/or email turned on for any of your Zaps, this setting will be turned off with this update.

    The Purchase & Append settings are moving from Zapier and into PropertyRadar at Zapier's request.

    To turn your Purchase & Append back on:

(1) Go to the Automations settings on a list you have integrated with Zapier

(2) Scroll to the bottom under Manage and check "on" the Purchase and append setting for email and/or phone

(3) Save your settings. That's it!

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