The following step by step instructions makes it easy to connect PropertyRadar to Google Sheets, a popular alternative to Microsoft Excel. 

Login to your PropertyRadar and Zapier account to get started.

Zapier: Click the "Make a Zap" Button

Zapier: 1. Select PropertyRadar

Zapier: 1. Give Your Zap a Name

Zapier: 1. Choose App & Event

Zapier: 1. Choose Account - Connect to PropertyRadar

Zapier: 1. Customize

Zapier: 1. Find Data & Test

Zapier: 2. Choose App and Event

Zapier: 2. Choose Account - Connect to Google Sheets

Zapier: 2. Customize

Zapier: 2. Test and Review

Zapier: Turn it On!

PropertyRadar: Important! Turn on New Match Alerts and Receive a Daily Summary Email

PropertyRadar: Export Existing Records in Your List to Google Sheets Manually

Export an Individual Property Manually

What About Changes and New Records?

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