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Transitioning Your Lists
Transitioning Your Lists

How to prepare your lists for our upcoming List changes

Updated over a week ago

On April 8th 2020, we are updating the way our 2 list types work. 

Check your lists in My Lists to see if they will be affected

If you see a warning icon (triangle with exclamation mark) in the upper left corner of a List Card instead of a list type icon - that means this List will be impacted by these upcoming changes. If none of your lists have the warning icon, you are all set, no action required.

Overview of Changes

We are changing Dynamic Lists to always be dynamic, which means they will only contain properties that currently match their criteria. 

You will no longer be able to turn off auto-add or auto-remove properties - these will always be on. This also means you will no longer be able to manually add and remove properties from your Dynamic Lists. Why? These features were leading to wide spread customer confusion, and are not needed with new features we'll explain below.

Lists with the warning icon currently have auto-add and/or auto-removed turned off. This means that when we make the list fully Dynamic, the count of properties on the List will change, and you'll lose those properties you added, or which you didn't want removed.

How do I transition my lists to save all my properties?

Click on the warning icon to easily access our suggested actions.  

You have 3 options of how to prepare your Lists for the upcoming changes. 

  1. Turn on auto-add and auto-remove properties now

  2. Convert to a Static List

  3. Copy properties on the List to a new Static List

1. Turn on auto-add and auto-remove properties now

If you have not done any manual management of your list, and you don't mind if the properties on the list are updated to match your criteria, this is the quickest way to remove the warning icon. This will preemptively make your list a true Dynamic List before our list changes roll out. 

2. Convert to a Static List

If you are no longer concerned about the criteria you used to make this List, and just want to save this list as-is, then this is the option for you. Converting your list to a Static List will delete the criteria associated with the list, but will keep all properties currently on the list. 

3. Copy properties on the list to a new Static List, and keep this Dynamic List

If you have manually added and removed properties from your List, but are still interested in keeping your criteria, this is the option for you. This will leave you with a Dynamic List with your criteria and a Static List that will contain all the properties on your List at the time you copied it. 

This is also the best option if you only have auto-remove turned off because you still want new matches. Using automations on your Dynamic List, you can set up an action to add all new matches to the new Static List - effectively recreating the same settings.

Note: After creating the Static List, you will need to turn on auto-add and auto-remove on the Dynamic List in order to remove the Warning icon.

What if I do nothing? 

If you choose to do nothing, any Lists with auto-add and auto-remove turned off will have these settings turned on when we roll out the list changes. The properties on the list will be updated to match the criteria of the list and any manual additions or removals you may have made will be lost.

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