Do you use Property Search to find specific properties? Use Lookup instead.

  • Faster, cleaner and more efficient
  • Quickly find an exact person or property. 

Person: Owner Name, Phone, Email with Option to limit to: State, County, City, Zip
Property: Site Address, APN, Radar ID, Show Nearby Properties

Lookup a Person or Property


Do you use Property Search to find a list of properties that match certain criteria? Use Discover instead.

  • 100+ MORE criteria including phone, email, owner ages & demographic data, vacancy, loan data, etc.
  • See how many properties match your criteria as you build your list
  • Create dynamic lists with 200+ criteria that are always up to date
  • Share your list criteria with a co-worker or teammate
  • Create static lists
  • Use List Insights to better understand what is happening in your market
  • View your entire list, up to 10,000 properties, not just the first 500 results
  • Set alerts and automations - integrate with 2,000+ apps via Zapier
  • Export phone numbers and email addresses
  • More ways to view your results: map view, grid view, card view, split view
  • Manage properties on your list: add to list, remove from list, set interest level, set status, add note, export to file or Zapier, create driving route
  • Filter your results by keyword, saved data, status, interest level, or events

Discover a List of Potential Customers

Viewing and Managing Lists

List Types: Dynamic and Static

List Insights

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