How to share work with teammates
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PropertyRadar teams allow you to share access to your account with multiple people. Simply invite team members and then work together in PropertyRadar.


You must be on a subscription package that supports multiple users. Please Contact Support for information or if you are seeing an error message asking you to upgrade.

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Team Billing Details

After the first user, any additional user costs only $50/month or $500/year. At the time you invite them, your default payment method will be charged a prorated amount for the time until your next bill date. From that point forward, the cost for that user will be included in your general subscription payment.

If you remove a user from your team, your team account will receive a prorated credit for the time remaining until the next bill date. This credit will be applied to a future subscription payment (it is separate from Purchase). That means if you add a new user, the credit will be applied. Or if you don't use the credit before your next bill date, it will be applied to that subscription bill.

Team Roles

Team members can have one of 3 different roles: Owner, Admin, and Member.

Both the Owner and Admin can manage team membership, billing, and automations. While members can access purchased and saved data in the account, they cannot access or make changes to billing, team membership, or automations.

Admin and Owner only:

  • Viewing, adding, and removing team members

  • Changing the subscription package or plan

  • Adding the Purchases Account Balance and changing the auto-recharge settings

  • Updating the default payment method

  • Creating new Automations on your Lists

Admin has almost the same permissions as the owner with a few exceptions. Only the owner can:

  1. Reassign ownership of the account. Keep in mind, there can only be one Owner, so once it's reassigned the original Owner will become an Admin.

  2. Migrate data from one account to another. You must be the Owner of both accounts to do this. (Learn More)

  3. Restart a canceled account.

Edit Team Information

PropertyRadar uses your company name to identify your current team. To edit the name, or any other team information, go to Settings > Team Settings. Make sure to click "Update" in order to save your changes.

Inviting a Team Member

Inviting someone to join your account will give them access to all of your shared data and will add them as a user on your subscription. This means you will be charged the prorated cost for that user from now until your next bill date at the time you send the invitation.

To invite a member:

  1. Go to Settings > Team Settings.

  2. In the Team Members section, click the "Add Member" button at the bottom left.

  3. Enter the email addresses of one or more people you want to invite to your team.

  4. Compose your invite message and set the invited users' role in the next screen.

  5. Review the price preview.

  6. Click Purchase and Send

Invite Not Received

If the member doesn't receive the invite, check to make sure that you entered the email address correctly.

You can also easily resend the invite by clicking the "Resend Invite" action next to that member in the Team Members table (accessed from Settings > Team Settings). Resend Invite can also be used to adjust the member's role on the team before they accept the invite.

Cancel Invite

If you decide you no longer want to invite a member to your team, you can cancel the invite from the Team Members table (accessed from Settings > Team Settings). They will still have received the initial email, but the invitation will no longer be valid and will not grant them access to your team account.

Remove a Team Member

Removing a member from your team will revoke their access to the account and will remove them from your subscription cost. You will receive a prorated credit for their remaining time until the team's next bill date.

If you change your mind and want to add them back, simply re-invite them to the team.

To remove a Team Member:

  1. Go to Settings > Team Settings and scroll to the Team Members section.

  2. Click the "Remove" link on the right side of the member that you'd like to remove.

  3. In the confirmation dialog, click "Remove"

Manage Multiple Teams

Any PropertyRadar user can belong to as many teams as they would like. But each team will be paying for that member's access as a part of their team's subscription.

To change which team you are currently logged in to, go to Settings > Logged In As and select a team from the dropdown. By default, you will log into the Team you've most recently used.

To view all teams you are a member of, go to Settings > My Profile.

Depending on your role and the Team's Status, you may see actions you can take to easily update and manage your teams from here (see the "Reinstate" action below).

Create a New Account

Any PropertyRadar user can create and belong to multiple accounts. With the creation of an account, you will also be creating a new subscription.

To create a new account:

  1. Go to Settings > My Profile and scroll down to the My Teams section.

  2. Click "Create New Team" in the bottom left.

  3. Fill out the information about your team. (If this a personal account, feel free to use your first and last name in the "Company Name" field.)

  4. Then select your subscription package and period, and enter your payment information.

Voilà! You have a new team account created and ready to go.

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