What’s New & Updated in PropertyRadar v3.12

You know how kids push their veggies around on their plate and eat them last before getting to enjoy their dessert? V3.12 is our Vegetable Release and one of the most complex product updates we have ever done. All the things we had to do before we get to eat desert.😬

In this case, the dessert is our upcoming National Launch, which will be our next release...PropertyRadar 4.0! 🎉🇺🇸

Here’s what you need to know...

Major Update to Teams 🌽🌽🌽

We simplified how teams work, making it easy to invite people to a team and better support businesses with many users.

The way billing works for Teams changes, and we will be reaching out to Team owners over the next 30 days to assist with migrating to the new Teams billing system. Until your Team makes the switch, you will continue to be billed as before.

Teams Update Details

Property Search & Transfer Search Have Been Retired 🥒

We announced this a year ago, and I know I’ve been bombarding some you almost daily with reminders. No more reminders! The day has finally arrived.

If you were using criteria to search for multiple properties, use Discover.

If you were using Property Search to find individual properties, use Lookup.

Activities 🥑

See your past activities on a Property & Owner Profile, such as when you last viewed it and when it was added to a list. Many more activity types to come in future updates.

Supercharge Alerts with Zapier Integrations 🤖

Our Zapier integration is now out of Beta and public!

Easily and automatically export property data and owner contact information from PropertyRadar to the apps that drive your business.

Keep your CRM persistently full and up-to-date with new leads!
Automate marketing. Send email, direct mail, voicemail, or schedule a call with owners.
Simplify time-consuming tasks to streamline research and workflows and keep projects organized and updated.

If this sounds exciting - Contact Support and we’ll help you get started! Visit https://www.propertyradar.com/integrations for more details.

In Case You Missed It - Hungry for Phone and Email Data?

Use Discover to make lists that only contain properties where owner phone numbers and email addresses are available. Simply select and add the phone and email criteria when making a List:

  • Criteria > Owner > Contact > Has Owner Phone
  • Owner > Contact > Has Owner Email

Purchase append and export these phone numbers and email addresses using Export or Zapier.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

We ❤️ customer feedback! If there’s a feature or some data that can help you make more money, faster, we want to know about it!

That said, software is never perfect. An app as comprehensive as ours will always have some 🐞🐛.

So if you see something that isn’t quite right, contact Support and let us know if you see something that isn’t working as intended.

We’ve been doing this since 2007 and have helped tens of thousands grow their business. We’re always excited to help you succeed!

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