Disclosure and non-disclosure states refer to whether or not the purchase price of a property is available.

Disclosure States

In disclosure states, when the sale of a property is recorded, the purchase price is also reported. The following states are disclosure states:

Non-Disclosure States

In non-disclosure states, the sales/purchase prices may not be available. There are two scenarios:

  1. Recording the sale/purchase price is optional, or

  2. Recording the sale/purchase price is required but not publicly available.

The following states are non-disclosure states:

Some Disclosure States

There are states that fall in between disclosure and non-disclosure, where there is some level of disclosure. When there is some level of disclosure, in some cases it is possible to figure out the estimated sales price.

The following states have some disclosure:

PropertyRadar Disclosure Data

PropertyRadar provides estimated purchase prices in all states. The chart below indicates the average percentage of properties providing the sales price in each state:

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