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4.2 Release Notes (Complete List)
4.2 Release Notes (Complete List)

The full list of changes, resolved issues, and known issues

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This release focuses on improving the usability of Discover. It also further improves the deletion of lists with linked lists/automations as well as resolves several bugs.

New Features:


  • We have separated our Add-Ons for list expansion, and exports so you can build the plan to best suit your needs. Lists are now unlimited. Exports can be tailored to users needing large volumes of properties.

  • Map views now include clusters indicating the number of properties within the selected view. As you zoom in, the clusters will become more granular until you reach selectable property boundaries.

  • We’ve renamed the Criteria tab to Search to better describe its function. You can start with this tab to search for properties. We also enhanced the Search pane to make it easier to use.

  • We relocated Find a Criteria to the bottom of the Search panel

  • Changed the name of the Locate on Map button to make it clear that clicking it simply recenters the map, and does not select a property.

  • We’ve added an indication “>” to the criteria to make it easier for you to know which items are groups of criteria.

  • Added "Quick Location Search" to the top of the Search (criteria) panel. This allows for quickly adding a City, County, or ZIP code.

  • We’ve added an Add/Update buttons when you’re changing Search criteria. These buttons are required before changes to your search criteria are applied.

  • We’ve added helpful messages to get you started in Discover when there aren’t any search results present.

  • We’ve added breadcrumb navigation to Discover to make it easier to know where you are within the Search Criteria.

  • We removed (Start Here) from the Location criteria when using Search.

  • We added a “Clear Criteria” link to the Search panel to make it easier to start a new search.

  • We added the state abbreviation next to the city name.

  • We’ve added Static List and Dynamic List icons to make it clear which type of list is being used when viewing your list cards.

  • We’ve added Tired Landlords and Zombie Properties to our Quick Lists. You can find them under the Investor criteria in Discover.

  • We added the ability to automatically delete or edit dependent Automations when you’re attempting to delete a list. The criteria from your deleted list remain available in the dependent lists.

Issues Resolved:

  • Resolved an issue where the Shape Details box was not closing when switching list views

  • Improved the error dialog when trying to bulk purchase emails and none of the selected properties has one available.

  • Added CNC doctypes (cancellation of Lease). This resolves an issue where some property profiles were displaying an error on the Property tab and the Transactions table would not load.

  • Restored missing data fields on Comparables reports in the National platform.

  • Comps options no longer use the deprecated Foreclosure options. This was resulting in errors for users with saved comps from before we removed Foreclosure comps

  • Improved the export handling to ensure users are not charged for failed exports.

  • Improved the adding of Owner Names to Owner Mailing List reports where the owner is an entity and not a person.

  • Fixed the formatting of the balance value in the Insufficient Balance message

  • Added tool-tips to the Housing Risk gauges

  • Comparables Options now shows the current values instead of blanks

  • Changed the name for FCL documents to be correctly labeled as Trustees Deed

  • Purchase Transactions history now shows Failed transactions

  • Improved the formatting of the dependent list/automations shown when trying to delete a list

  • Improved the performance of Discover when adding multiple Loan criteria

  • Combined tracking of user messages/acknowledgments for both platforms

  • Disabled the Auto-complete function of Chrome browser to reduce interference with the PropertyRadar automatic suggestions

  • Partial email addresses are no longer acceptable in Lookup

  • Fixed an error when loading the Neighborhood property profile tab when the property has bad/missing location data

  • The 5-State and National platforms are now consistent with which criteria do not require a state.

  • Resolved an issue where charges for additional exports were being miscalculated based on the current billing month

  • Age criteria in Discover now works correctly with persons that have incomplete birth dates.

Known Issues:

  • Chrome sometimes auto-fills the Current Password field on Settings > User Profile triggering an unsaved change prompt when users leave the screen

  • Loading a Criteria in Discover sometimes takes several seconds.

  • The positioning of the No Results message in Discover is inconsistent across views

  • The Quick Location search in Discover sometimes does not show results when the user types quickly

  • Quick Location search in Discover can show duplicate zip codes when that zip codes spans multiple states

  • The mouse pointer does not correctly display over the criteria in Discover

  • Lookup > Limit To does not show the state after being applied

  • The last used criteria sometimes show in the breadcrumbs in Discover after navigating back to the group

  • the ENTER key does not work when adding criteria

  • Browser auto-complete shows in the Discover Quick Location search box

  • City options are not available if the user enters spaces in the City Search.

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