Find a day and time to join our PropertyRadar Support team member for:

You can even do these back-to-back, on a day of your choosing:

  • Sign up to get started with PropertyRadar in the morning.

  • Take an hour break.

  • Come back to see more advanced features, and find hyperlocal leads.

The links above take you to the appropriate calendar sign-ups. To sign up for a session, complete the following steps:

  1. In the calendar, click a day with blue text (indicates availability).
    The available time is shown next to the calendar.

  2. Click the time, then click Confirm.
    The Confirmation window is displayed, where you can see the date and time for your Live Training/Demo selection.

  3. Type your First Name, Last Name, Email address, and, to help address users' needs, please tell us a little bit about your business and any questions you have.

  4. Click Schedule Event.
    Your Webinar connection information is displayed, where you can click to Add to your calendar.
    You are also sent an email with the Training/Demo connection information, and links to add to your preferred calendar.

For additional Customer Support options, see: How to Contact Customer Support.

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