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Coming Soon: PropertyRadar 4.6
Coming Soon: PropertyRadar 4.6

Get ready for Trustee Sale Tracking updates

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On January 20, 2022

We’ll be releasing PropertyRadar 4.6! With Trustee Sale Tracking features changing, we want you to feel prepared.

What’s changing?

PropertyRadar 4.6 will introduce county-based options for accessing Trustee Sale Tracking features and data, in addition to 25 new counties in Nevada, Washington, and Oregon!

Do the changes impact you?

The 4.6 release moves to county-based pricing, and will impact customers who use Auctions features or data, including:

  • Auctions Schedule

  • Auctions Calendar

  • Auctions Workflow

  • [Data] Sales Date

  • [Data] Prior Sale Date

  • [Data] Postponed For

  • [Data] Opening Bid $

  • [Data] Winning Bid $

If you use the features or data sets above, including within Zapier integrations, you must select the county or counties to which you want access to Trustee Sale Tracking on January 20, 2022. Until a selection is made, you will not have access to the features or data listed above.

If you do not use those features or data sets, no action is required.

What is the cost of county-based pricing?

Subscription plans that have Trustee Sale Tracking, will include one county.

You can add one or two additional counties, or subscribe to all of the counties in our coverage area, when PropertyRadar 4.6 is released using your Account Settings. Below is the pricing for annual and monthly plans:

Annual Plans:


Monthly Plans:

When 4.6 is released on January 20, 2022

After logging in to the app, a message will prompt you to select the counties for which you want access to Trustee Sale Tracking. You will be prompted again when you open the Auctions Schedule, Calendar, or Workflow features.

Additionally, a Help Center article will be available to explain the steps in detail on January 20, 2022; and you can connect with Customer Support in the app, or by email at

What new counties are being added?

6 New counties (population: +132,000 ) in Nevada!

  • Lyon

  • Nye

  • Pershing

  • Lander

  • Lincoln

  • Storey

11 New counties (population: +638,000 ) in Oregon!

  • Douglas

  • Josephine

  • Umatilla

  • Columbia

  • Lincoln

  • Clatsop

  • Tillamook

  • Wasco

  • Jefferson

  • Crook

  • Curry

8 New counties (population: +638,000 ) in Washington!

  • Grant

  • Clallam

  • Chelan

  • Mason

  • Douglas

  • Jefferson

  • Pacific

  • Benton

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