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Importing with PropertyRadar 4.7
Importing with PropertyRadar 4.7

Product Release Updates

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The PropertyRadar 4.7 release includes:

  1. Support for unmonitored lists added to In List and Exclude List

  2. Minor export/Zapier changes NOTE: This may impact your automations, see below for details.


It's here, and it’s unlike anything you’ve used before. With the industry’s first full Import feature, you can:

  • Augment your specialty lists. Fill in the missing data on your lists with available data in your PropertyRadar account: transaction history, estimated value, equity, property details, and more! Add photos, notes, status, interest level. Assign tasks, set up alerts, and leverage all the other marketing tools in PropertyRadar.

  • Stack lists. Stack your imported lists against each other and the infinite lists you can create with PropertyRadar.

  • Match Append. Add missing data to your lists from PropertyRadar.

  • Asset Monitoring. Have a list of properties you want to monitor? Get updates on sales, listings, foreclosures, mortgage activity and more. Pro Tip: Monitor your customers or your competitors.

  • Suppression Lists. Load lists of properties to exclude from new lists. Pro Tip: Exclude current customers from new marketing efforts.

  • Automate your import. Not only can you import a file but you can automate imports from CRMs, lead forms, and more with Zapier.

  • You’re in control. Unlike most match append tools, you can set your match threshold and manually review your matches.

  • Less expensive. Very competitively priced with other match append services. Import as many properties as you want for just 1¢/record!

Import is available on Complete Track, Complete, and Essential plans. If you would like to upgrade, you can select the appropriate plan from your Subscription Settings.

Support for Unmonitored Lists

  • Have a suppression list that’s too big for monitoring or that you don’t want to use monitoring for?

  • Have a large market area that you want to use to create other lists from?

We've got you covered! Now you can now create new lists based on other lists of any size.

Minor Export/Zapier Changes

Caution: This may impact your automations — update your automations.

The following fields have been updated to return human readable values rather than internal codes.

  • 1st Purpose

  • 1st Loan Type

  • 1st Rate Type

  • 2nd Purpose

  • 2nd Loan Type

  • 2nd Rate Type

  • Purchase Type

  • Listing Type

  • Bonus: See our new export field Delinquent Tax Amount!

Important: If you have any automations, export scripts, or similar that rely on the values in these fields you will need to update them immediately.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • ZIP and State are now included for Lender and Trustee in Property Profile and Reports for notices.

  • Fixed the formatting of counts in Online Ads.

  • Lookup/Owner Search now allows any valid punctuation characters.

  • When prompted that an account has “Too Many Integrations”, there is now a help link to explain to the user what the issue is.

  • The Current Location button on the Discover map now turns off when the user moves the map allowing them to return to current location with a single click.

  • Resolved an issue with using a credit card to pay for Exports rather than first adding balance.

  • Adjusted the minimum height of the map portion of list Split View so that all map tool icons are visible on shorter screens.

  • Discover now opens with a map when opening a shared criteria link.

  • Resolved an issue in Discover using Card View that could result in cards on the right side being cut off on the edge of the browser window.

  • Resolved an issue in Discover where boundary polygons were not showing when the property count was greater than 10,000.

  • Updated the fields exported for Facebook Online Ads per Facebook’s updated requirements.

  • And dozens more improvements and fixes!

Known Issue

Insights is not presently working and will be fixed shortly.

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