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The Phone Marketing Overview provides general and WAVV subscription information for using PropertyRadar phone marketing tools. Send Voicemails is one of the actions available with WAVV Ringless, and Bundle subscriptions.

Ringless voicemail allows you to leave a recorded message with one or many prospects or customers, without spending time calling each person and leaving the same voicemail over and over. Schedule and send pre-recorded voice blasts to a group of people or individual contacts using Ringless Voicemail.

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Check out an example of how you can use the Ringless Voicemail in PropertyRadar:

Setting Up Ringless Voicemail

When you choose to Send Voicemails from a List, you begin the process of using the WAVV Ringless Voicemail. You can access phone marketing tools, including Send Voicemails, in a variety of ways.

After choosing to Send Voicemails in your List, the WAVV windows step you through the process including: selecting a WAVV phone number from which to send voicemail messages, agreeing to the WAVV Terms of Service, and entering your phone number where call forwarding should be sent. After completing those steps, the Ringless Voicemail window is displayed:

Ringless Setup Video

Watch the Ringless Setup video for details on getting started:

Using the Ringless Voicemail window, you can do the following:

  • Blast Delivery
    Send voicemails to multiple recipients, with a maximum of 100 recipients

  • Call Forwarding
    Use a dedicated number to send voicemails on your behalf. If a recipient chooses to call you back on that number, the call is forwarded to the number of your choice using Choice ID.

  • Record Voicemails
    Record new voicemails from your phone or computer easily.

  • Upload Voicemails
    Upload voicemails previously recorded using your own audio editing equipment.

  • Voicemail Library
    Send voicemails from previously recorded or uploaded voicemails.

Using Ringless Voicemail in PropertyRadar

You can send voicemail messages to contacts in a List, after you unlock the phone numbers.

To Send Voicemails:

  1. Select one or more contacts in your PropertyRadar List to whom you want to send a voicemail message.
    You can select up to 100 recipients.

  2. From the Actions menu, select Send Voicemails.
    The Ringless Voicemail window is then displayed:

  3. Some actions you could take before sending your voicemail include:
    - View the contacts selected to receive the message.
    - Record or Upload a voicemail message by clicking Record Now.
    - Select the voicemail you want to send.
    - View or add a phone number to use for your forwarding number (Choice ID).

  4. When you are satisfied with your voicemail, recipients, and forwarding number, click the Send to Contacts button.

Ringless Voicemail Settings

Selecting Settings in the Ringless Voicemail window opens the Ringless Voicemail Settings window:

Use the tabs to open the window with the specifics for that information, including

  • History: Search for, and view the Sent Voicemails, Recipients, Dates & times, and Status.

  • Phone Numbers: View, edit, or delete personal phone number(s), and WAVV number's Nickname, Call Forwarding, and Type.

  • Mobile Setup: Use the WAVV Mobile App.

  • DNC List: Add numbers to the Do Not Call list, or IVR opt-out.

  • Subscriptions: View, edit, or cancel your WAVV subscription.

  • Addons: Choose Booster Packs to add-on to your subscription.

Other functionality available with WAVV subscriptions includes Making Calls, and Sending Text Messages.

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