Automations for Direct Mail

Automate personalized direct mail for Dynamic Lists

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Automate your Direct Mail Deliveries

Create Automations for Direct Mail. Automations allow you to monitor a list for new properties or monitor for status changes to existing properties in that list (Triggers). When an automation is triggered, it can take one or more Actions that you select.

Using the Automations feature, you can automatically send personalized direct mail each time your automation is triggered for monitored lists.

How to set up Direct Mail Automations

  1. Open Automations menu: From My Lists, choose the list you wish to set up a Direct Mail automation and click Automations

  2. Enable Automations: Make sure to enable Automations by checking the Enabled box

  3. Setup Triggers: Choose which event(s) you'd like to trigger a Direct Mail being sent from your list.

    1. New matches: Occurs when a property is added to your list.

    2. Status changes: Occurs when a property that is already in your list has a change in status.

    3. Warning. Selecting Status changes for an existing list can send/trigger the same piece of mail for any status change. (For example, if a property is listed for sale and has a price change, that will trigger two mailers. The first is when the property is listed, and the second is when the price changes.)

  4. Choose your Direct Mail template: Choose which templates you'd like to use when sending your direct mail. Learn more about setting up Direct Mail.

  5. Save your settings: Finally, scroll to the bottom of the menu and save your settings!

All unlocks and purchases are final and non-refundable for Direct Mail. Your design, especially colors, may appear differently in print than previewed on your monitor. Additionally, USPS may be unable to deliver some mail pieces, and you will still be responsible for the cost of mailing those undelivered pieces. Additionally, please look over our Good Neighbor Marketing Pledge to stay consistent with our User Agreement.

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