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Sharing Static Lists, Leads & Data

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Share Static Lists

Share Static Lists allows you to share a list of specific properties, which will be viewable within PropertyRadar and allow all details to be seen without exporting or importing. You can still share search criteria filters, but Share Static Lists takes it further by enabling the sharing actual properties.

Share Static Lists

Build a custom property list and use the Share feature to generate a unique link, which can be shared with any other PropertyRadar user, giving them instant access to the same list of properties with complete property data.

The first step to sharing a Static List is choosing a list from your My Lists page using the triple-bar (≡) menu at the top left.

After you've decided what list you want to share, click the wheel icon at the top right of the tile seen below: Wheel icon>Share>Copy link.

After clicking Copy link, you can paste that to another PropertyRadar user without importing or exporting.

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