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Setting Up Your Brand Center
Setting Up Your Brand Center

Setting up your company branding in PropertyRadar

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What is Brand Center?

Brand Center centralizes your most commonly used marketing assets to ensure consistency in marketing and messaging. Brand Center stores your key business information, such as your business contact information, social media links, headlines, and brand identity, so that they can be easily applied to direct mail and other marketing channels.

Set Up Your Brand Center

To set up your branding in PropertyRadar, open the Brand Center from the Account Settings menu:

Brand Center in the Account Settings Menu

The Brand Center window is displayed. Within the Brand Center, there are two methods of setting up the foundation for your business brand in PropertyRadar:

Brand Info

The Brand Info page includes the following sections:

  • Overview

  • General Info

  • Owner Info

  • Social Media

  • About

  • Headlines

  • Call to Action

Complete the text fields within each section for your business needs. The required text fields are indicated with an asterisk.

Although not all the fields are required, the more details you provide on the Brand Info page, the better the Brand Center can help build your business consistency. Further details are shown for each section on the page. For another example, review the following:โ€‹

Brand Center General Info, Owner Info, and Social Media section examples

Brand Info About Fields: Tagline, What We Offer, In a Nutshell, Differentiator, Our Ideal Customer, Our Story, Description

The words and phrases you provide in the About section are compiled into the Description section. Please review and edit your About section information to ensure consistency in your branding.

Brand Style

Using your previously designed marketing tools, the Brand Style page allows you to use your existing, custom business brand characteristics. You can identify your Brand Images, Brand Colors, and Brand Fonts to define your branding further.

Brand Images

Within the Brand Images section, you can upload your existing business Logo, Headshot, Cover photo, and any other General Photos you may want to use in your marketing campaigns.

To Upload Images:

  1. Click the Upload link for the image you want to add; choose from Upload Logo, Upload Headshot, or Upload Cover Photo.
    You can upload images for any or all of the image types.

  2. Use the file finder/folder to find and select the image you want to add.
    Your selection is added to the image type you chose.

Brand Colors

The Brand Colors identify the business colors for your marketing materials. You can choose your Primary, Secondary, Action, and Background colors.

To Edit Colors:

  1. For the color type you want to choose, click the Click to edit button.
    The color picker is displayed.

  2. You can edit the selected color using one of the following methods:
    - Entering a #HEXCODE
    - Typing the RGB values
    - Enter the values, or move the H (hue), S (saturation), V (value), and A ( ) sliders to your brand color values.

  3. Once your Color choices are selected to your satisfaction, click Update.
    The colors you choose are now defined within the PropertyRadar Brand Center.

Brand Fonts

You can select the font(s) you use for your company's branding for a Headline, Body, and Handwriting Fonts and view a sample set for confirmation.

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