Delivery times for Direct Mail
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When will my Direct Mail order be sent?

When your order is submitted, it's sent to the printer and processed based on the timeline below.

Your order will be delivered using USPS Priority First Class pre-sort after it's printed and picked up from the printer.

Time of Direct Mail order submission

Picked up from the printer

Monday through Friday before 5 pm Pacific

Next Business Day

After Friday 5 pm Pacific and on weekends


The above times are subject to USPS holidays. Your orders will be picked up from the printer by the next business day after any holiday.

All unlocks and purchases are final and non-refundable for Direct Mail. Your design, especially colors, may appear differently in print than previewed on your monitor. Additionally, USPS may be unable to deliver some mail pieces, and you will still be responsible for the cost of mailing those undelivered pieces. Additionally, please look over our Good Neighbor Marketing Pledge to stay consistent with our User Agreement.

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