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PropertyRadar 4.11 Release Notes
PropertyRadar 4.11 Release Notes

Release notes for version 4.11

Updated over a week ago

This release introduces the new Direct Mail feature, Brand Center, a Workflow view for Lists, and sharing of Static lists, and resolves numerous bugs.

New Features:

  • Brand Center - The Brand Center is where users can keep all their core information about their brand. This information will populate the first drafts of any marketing creatives they create for a campaign.

    • This is available through the settings menu.

  • Direct Mail - We replaced the existing Direct Mail feature that sent users to ExpresCopy with a more feature-rich internal implementation.

    • We provide several templates which allow user’s Brand Center fields/images to be automatically inserted.

    • Users can craft their own templates through our app

    • Postcards can be sent to single properties, multiple properties, or entire lists

    • Postcards can be sent to the Property Owner’s tax address or the Property address

    • Automations can be used to automatically send postcards to new matches (changes also trigger and should be configured carefully if enabled)

  • New Automations action - ‘Remove from Lists’

    • We have added a new Action to Automations. A property triggering Automations can now remove that property from Static lists. This works just like the ‘Add to list’ action.

  • Workflow view for Lists

    • We have added a Workflow view to lists. This splits properties into columns based on the accounts ‘Status’ values. Users can drag properties between columns to change their Status. This is equivalent to a similar view in Auctions.

  • Added a ‘Deceased’ criteria and field in the Property Profile

    • This will help users find pre-probate opportunities.

  • Share Static Lists

    • We added the ability for users to share the contents of their Static lists with others. This works similarly to sharing criteria. A link is generated, which can then be sent to another PropertyRadar user.​


  • Added ‘Legal Description’ to the available Export fields

  • Added a new filter to Neighbors to allow filtering to the same Property Type

Issues Resolved:

  • Filtering list views to 'Interest Level = 0' now filters to properties that do not have an interest level set

  • Activities are now being created for properties when an Automation/Alert purchases phones/emails or sends to an Integration

  • Improved how multiple tracks are shown in GPS Tracks

  • Resolved an issue preventing users from switching a contact type between Person and Company when editing the contact in the Property Profile

  • GPS Track filters are now reset when leaving Discover

  • Property Profile now detects broken Photos links and does not display missing photos.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from turning on Zaps based on older versions

  • The GPS Tracks legend now displays correctly when there are no results for a filter selection.

  • Property cards opened from Comps and Neighbors will now allow opening the Property Profile in a new tab.

  • Map view is now displayed when opening Tracks in GPS Tracks

  • Help Center links in the Import File widget now open in a new tab

  • In Property Profile, contacts shown as ‘Record Owner’ will no longer show ‘Other Properties’ owned by ‘Record Owner’

  • Resolved an early time-out error message when emailing reports that were emailed

  • Restored ‘Foreclosing Loan Doc Number’ to available Export fields

  • Improved address matching rules for Import to improve performance

  • When changing the ‘Units’ value in Comps Options, the subject property will now show that the edited value

  • Fixed an issue where the Back button did not work when on the Add Member purchase dialog

  • Fixed an issue where the map in the Property Profile could cover the WAVV dialer

  • Resolved several issues related to ‘Most Recent’ filters and some Actions when no properties were selected

  • Fixed an issue that could cause list Imports to fail and get stuck

  • Added the option when sorting My Lists to include reverse alphabetical

  • After purchasing/removing an Add Ons, the ‘Current Subscriptions’ view will refresh and show the changes

  • Resolved an issue that caused the app to fail if a user tried to open Manage Add Ons after having added additional Monitored Lists through Manage Add Ons

  • Fixed the displayed name for some Person and Property lien types

  • Fixed an error when existing PropertyRadar users accepted an invite to a new team

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