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What is a pay-per-record API endpoint?
What is a pay-per-record API endpoint?
Updated over a week ago

When using the PropertyRadar API, some calls can result in charges, while others are completely free with your plan.

If you've chosen a pay-per-record endpoint, each result returned will count as one export record or phone/email purchase or unlock against your monthly included items.

Any overages will cost the same as any other export would.

When using the API Import endpoint to add a property to a list, that will count the same against your quotas as if you manually imported the property via our website.

When searching, if you make a call and it returns data about the property, it will count against your export quotas, including as examples but not limited to:

  • Address

  • Owners

  • Property Type

  • Values

  • SqFt

If a call returns only a Count of results, a RadarID, or other information not part of the specific Property Data, it will not count against your quotas.

As such, test with the API parameter of Purchase=0 as that will tell you how many records will be returned with no deduction. When you are ready to purchase the records, set Purchase=1, and be sure you request the return fields you want.

For exports (searches that return property data), whether you request 1 field of data for that record, or 50, it will still count as an export. Again, It's important to test first because all purchases are non-refundable, and even during the API trial, each record will be deducted from your monthly included items.

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