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Searching using the API
Updated over a week ago

PropertyRadar offers the most powerful property and owner data API ever with over 250 property search criteria.

Many PropertyRadar endpoints accept a "Criteria object" to define the search criteria for an operation. For instance, a Criteria object could specify single-family properties in certain zip codes, with pools, and whose owners have at least $100,000 in equity in the home:

ℹ️ TIP - You can use the Try It console to compose your Criteria object and it will automatically check your syntax.

[{ "name": "ZipFive", "value": [97202, 97212] }, 
{ "name": "Pool", "value": [1] },
{ "name": "AvailableEquity", "value": [[100000, null]] },
{ "name": "PropertyType", "value": [
{ "name": "PType", "value": ["SFR"] }

Please visit the Understanding Criteria section of our API documentation for more information, including the Criteria Reference to see what is available.

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