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Using Divorce Data
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What is Divorce Data?

Divorce records consist of divorce decrees or final orders recorded with the county recorder after such an order is issued. A new icon has been created and will show on the contact card for any relevant properties.

Note: Divorce Data Does Not Represent All Divorces
Only a small percentage of divorce decrees or final orders are ever recorded with the county recorder, most are only filed with the court. While the division of property is a standard part of a divorce, the actual divorce filings involve the owners, not the property, and a divorce does not always result in the sale of property.

For our customers who serve and help owners facing divorce, we recommend building relationships with attorneys who may need a local real estate professional when a sale is required.

Using Divorce Data in PropertyRadar

Use Divorce Criteria in Search

  1. From the Main Menu, click Discover and select Search

  2. Select Owner Details from the list of criteria options

  3. Select Divorce

  4. Choose from Has Divorce, Divorce Recording Date, or Divorce Decree Date

Quickly Identify Divorce Criteria

To help quickly identify contacts linked to Divorce owners, PropertyRadar has introduced 2 types of Divorce Flags:

  • Person Divorce Flag - If the person received a divorce decree after the purchase of the property, and they still own the property, then this flag is set to true.

  • Property Divorce Flag - Set to true if any person related to the property received a divorce decree after the purchase of the property, and they still own the property.

Subscription Availability

The bankruptcy data feature is available across all current PropertyRadar packages except for legacy plans. Below is the availability based on your subscription package:


Feature Available?









Complete Track


Legacy Plans



By integrating bankruptcy data into PropertyRadar, we aim to provide you with deeper insights and more comprehensive data about property owners. This enhancement will help you make more informed decisions and improve your property investment strategies.

For further assistance, visit our Help Center or contact our support team.

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