"You gotta see it to believe it!"

Explore is a powerful, fast, and efficient way to process massive amounts of data. How?

Explore takes advantage of your natural ability to recognize patterns visually.
With Explore, you can...

  1. See your market in ways no spreadsheet can every produce
  2. Find customers and opportunities visually and start a location-based list
  3. Identify key insights and trends faster, and with, much less effort
  4. Start making a list of your best potential customers or deals.

Use Explore on your smartphone to make Driving for Dollars (D4D) an amazing and efficient experience.

Getting Oriented with Explore's User Interface

Explore's Heatmaps & Boundaries:

Heatmaps and Boundaries are drop-down menus from the top application bar and includes 23 heatmaps and five boundaries.

Heatmaps included:

Property: Property Type, Square Footage, Year Built

Value: Estimated Value, Estimated Equity, Assessed Value, Debt, Estimated Value / Sq Ft, Assessed To Estimated Value, Estimated Tax Rate

Transactions: Turnover, Sales, For Sale, Foreclosures

Owner: Ownership (Owner Occupied, Owner in county, Owner out of county but in state, and Owner out of state). Vacancy, Ownership Type, Owner Age, Owner Gender, Children Present, Owner Education, Owner Income, Business Owner

Boundaries included: 

Municipalities, Zip Codes, Counties, Tracts, Block Groups

🆕 Make a List from Explore

More often than not, targeting your best potential customers starts from a location. Since Explore lets you visualize so much about a location, it makes sense that you start making a list from Explore. Trigger the Make a List interface from Explore by:

  • Using the "Add Criteria" button
  • Adding criteria from the Legend ➕
  • Using a "Draw Criteria Tool" to create a polygon, radius, rectangle, or capture your visible screen

Using any of these methods converts the Explore user interface into the Make a List user interface. Additional criteria can be added to target your best potential customers.

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