Using Foreclosure Search, you are able to know about new opportunities weeks ahead of the competition, and zero in on those that fit your investment profile or listings specialization. Study and analyze the transactions and ROI results of your competitors.

Using Trustee Sale Schedule, you are able to be ready at the auction steps to make immediate, informed decisions. PropertyRadar is the only service that actively tracks every foreclosure auction in California. By tracking all auctions, we offer updated information multiple times a day regarding which foreclosures have been sold back to the bank, sold to an investor, cancelled, or postponed. You can also easily see which foreclosures are scheduled for sale each day. Sorted by status, auction location, and by time, following ten to over 100 auctions is now manageable. You no longer need to worry about writing down everything the auctioneer says. It will all be available at PropertyRadar by the end of the day.

Hosted by Dan Butterfield, Elite Trainer for PropertyRadar.

(Please note, slides are not visible until 1:12, however audio begins immediately.)

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