PropertyRadar v3.6 January 17, 2019

What you need to know:

  1. "Where did my saved searches and properties go?" Look here.
  2. Online Ads. Make $$$ (and save $$$ too) with Online Advertising. Integrate Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and more, with your marketing for more impressions, less cost, all the while driving greater response across channels! 
  3. List Insights. Make sense of any market, or List. Yes, we just made you smarter, faster! List Insights will help you know more, to grow more, in 2019! And if you're looking for the filters in the old Insights...see #4.
  4. Manage and Filter your Lists with new superpowers! The filters that used to be in the old Insights are now within the List view...and now with so, so much more! 

Connect with Online Advertising (PRO subscribers)

Get in front of your customers online with Online Ads. Download a customer List as custom audiences for Facebook and Instagram and Google Customer Match (Google Search, Shopping, YouTube and Gmail).

Know more to Grow More with List Insights

List Insights help you quickly know more about the collective People attributes and Property characteristics inside a List. Also makes for great engaging content with your customers and prospects!

Using List Insights can help you understand your market and grow your business in several ways:

  1. Get to know a lot about a market. Fast. List Insights answers the important questions about market validation.
  2. Quickly understand the differences between the Lists you make for smart targeting decisions on how to connect.
  3. Create Lists of existing customers and learn more about their unique attributes and characteristics. Then make look-a-like lists for potential future customers.  
  4. Identify where a List can, and probably should, be split into two or more Lists, often called segments, to focus on specific messaging and improve your marketing.
  5. Understand local market conditions. Know what’s going on in your neighborhoods and uncover opportunities. Even if the market as a whole is stormy, the sun is always shining somewhere specific.
  6. Finally, use List Insights as a resource in your business marketing and planning. Delight market-focused customers with insights and answers to their questions while looking smart and savvy. Or wow your Bank with your market knowledge and research to get that business loan approved!

Manage and Filter Lists with New Superpowers

Manage and Filter helps you be efficient with status-driven workflows and create more targeted lists and segments. 

Finally, access your Saved Searches and Properties from within the Searches.

In case you missed it...

Get connected with new customers by email using InVite!

We added dozens of new Quick Lists into Make a List!

Integrated Explore and Make a List

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