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Getting Started with Mobile Notifications
Getting Started with Mobile Notifications

Get notifications of list updates and additions

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Using the PropertyRadar mobile app, you can get push notifications sent to your smartphone, allowing you to stay on top of changes in your market and act on new information as it becomes available. Mobile notifications are different from SMS text messages, in that you can interact with and directly act on them from your smartphone.

When you receive a mobile notification, you can swipe to reveal the options to

  • Save the Property, or

  • View the Property Details

By tapping either Save or Details, the PropertyRadar mobile app will automatically open to that property.

After downloading the PropertyRadar mobile app, you will need to log in to the PropertyRadar web app to enable notifications on your mobile device.

Enabling Notifications

To enable notifications using the PropertyRadar mobile app, you will need to login to PropertyRadar on your desktop/laptop computer.

Use the instructions in the Creating Alerts and Automations article.

For mobile notification specifics, do the following:

  1. From My Lists, click Automations in the list for which you want to setup notifications.

    The Automations Settings window is displayed.

  2. Setup your automations and triggers for your list.

  3. In the Alerts section, select the Mobile notifications checkbox. Then, from the Mobile notifications Select contact menu, click the contact name the notifications should be sent to.

  4. Make any other Actions selections for your list; then click Save.

You will begin receiving notifications in the PropertyRadar mobile app for this list. You can set up your other monitored lists for notifications as well.

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