A Monitored list in PropertyRadar does the following:

  • Automatically updates lists by adding and removing properties that match your criteria

  • Provides Alerts/Automations

  • Provides Insights

  • Maintains New Since Count, and Filter availability

Monitoring lists is a complex function, and is more difficult with larger lists.

Monitoring is different than the functionality of Dynamic and Static lists. You can have Dynamic lists that are monitored or unmonitored, and Static lists that are monitored or unmonitored. To remove monitoring from a list once the requisite time period has been met, open List Settings and de-select the Add Monitoring, Insights & Automations checkbox.

In My Lists, monitored lists display the number of new records added to the list, below the total number of records in the list. Monitored lists include the New Since filter, so you can see exactly which properties have been added to your list since the date you select.

Dynamic unmonitored lists can be larger than ten-thousand (10,000) records. Only properties that are being monitored will count against your All Lists limit. See the PropertyRadar Pricing information for more about what is included in available subscription plans.

Monitored List Information from Pricing Page

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